The Liberator wireless Ethernet bridges naturally lend themselves to a rich variety of practical applications.


Wireless Mobile Backhaul

60GHz Metro Cell Small Cell Backhauling for Service Providers
Low cost with high data capacity and licence exempt of lightly licensed: Sub10’s 60GHz wireless mobile backhaul solutions are the answer to operators’ biggest headaches rolling out next generation LTE or public small cell networks.


Temporary Installations

Ethernet Bridge Installations
Whilst many of the Liberators sold around the world are used as permanent Ethernet bridges for both mobile networks and other data communications – the plug and play nature of the microwave radio links makes them ideal for transmitting data in temporary setups as well.


Wireless LAN Extension

High Speed, Point to Point, Wireless LAN Extensions
The Liberator range of point to point wireless LAN extensions can replace Ethernet leased line extensions for business as a fibre alternative.

Services Overview

Small Cell Mobile Backhaul
Small, discreet, robust, high capacity and perfectly suited to dense city environments, the Liberator family provides carrier class availability for Service Providers rolling out next generation LTE and small cell public networks.

Fibre / Leased Line Alternative
The Liberator Ethernet links provide a high capacity leased line alternative in the many places where leased lines are impractical or expensive, delivering fast ROI.

LAN Extensions
Why dig when you can extend your LAN through the air at a fraction of the cost?

Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity & Temporary Events
Liberator’s easy plug and play solution means it’s ideal in situations where networks need to be set up fast.